2013 APEC Women and the Economy Forum
“Women as Economic Drivers”

6-8 September 2013, Bali, Indonesia

The APEC Women in Economy Forum (WEF) 2013 has three components:
  1. Public-Private  Dialogue  on key issues for Women’s Empowerment (PPDWE) will be convened on 6th September 2013 attended by more than 300 female leaders from public, private, non government, organization and academicians from APEC economies;
  2. the APEC Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) will be convened on 7th September 2013; attended by  senior government  officials from APEC economies;
  3. the High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Women and the Economy will be convened on 8th September 2013; attended by ministers in charge of women from the APEC economies

The 2013 WEF will be held on the margins of APEC SOM3 2013 Meetings in September in Indonesia. The Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child protection of the Republic Indonesia will be the main focal point to organize the APEC WEF 2013.

Theme and Subthemes 

For the WEF 2013, Indonesia suggests the theme of “Women as Economic Drivers” with three sub-themes as follows. 

1. Structural Reform

Discussion on what structural reform, regulations and policies to be pursued, mainly that would enable women to reform and contribute to economic growth. These policies support to women are made in the context of economic development and inclusive growth and could be focused on, among others, data gathering and analysis, research and development, capital spending, redesigning subsidies, and improving budget flexibility and execution. Another structural reform commitment is Social Safety Program.

2. Women and ICT

Discussion on how to take full advantage of women’s talent through the use of ICT. The rise of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), a diverse set of technological tools and resources to create, disseminate, store, bring value-addition and manage information should not become the text gender divide, but bringing women into the economy instead. What are the ICT tools available these days to empower women, and how can it be disseminated for further use among women in APEC economies?

3. Infrastructure and Human Capital 

Discussion on the development of soft and hard infrastructure, and the strength of human capital that will open doors to economic opportunity for women. The looming global crisis should not become another missed opportunity for women to further participate in the economy. What sort of infrastructure should be built to help women access to information, knowledge and contribute to the economy? What aspects of human capital should be developed specifically for women?

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