2016 APEC Women and the Economy Forum

APEC WEF 2016 
Breaking barriers to economic integration of women in the global market

JUNE 27-30, 2016, LIMA, PERU

Anchoring the APEC 2016 agenda of Developing Human Capital, the APEC Women and the Economy Forum 2016 theme is “Breaking barriers to economic integration of women in the global market.” This will be supported by five sub-themes: (1) Economy care systems to break barriers for inclusive growth; (2) Costs of gender-based violence in the context of economic development; (3) Mechanisms for the internationalization of MSMEs enterprises led by women; (4) Economic literacy for access to capital; and (5) Digital literacy for economic inclusion.

Through the PPWE, the working group’s right arm of the APEC WE Forum 2016, gender responsive policies and programs on women’s economic empowerment are being crafted and discussed in order to mainstream, elevate and integrate gender equality goals into APEC activities.
We increase women’s economic participation through the 5 Pillars:
  • Access to capital and assets
  • Access to markets
  • Skills, capacity building, and health
  • Leadership, voice and agency
  • Innovation and technology
Public-Private Dialogue on Women and the Economy (PPDWE). June 27, 2016
This Dialogue will allow the exchange of policies and good practices among women-led businesses, women-owned MSMEs, business sector, government, society and partnership. The PPDWE aims to consolidate private sector’s participation to elaborate and apply policies or projects that promote women’s autonomy and gender equality, especially based on the forum’s five priority ideas.

First Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) Meeting. June 28-29, 2016
A Meeting that promotes integration of policies and programs focused on gender, related to women’s economic autonomy, within APEC actions to promote gender equality. This meeting’s objective is to have a PPWE agenda established on a participative and transparent manner.

During the PPWE Meeting, the Ministerial Declaration Project will be discussed for its subsequent ratification and approval by Ministers, Heads of Delegations in the High Level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy.
High Level Policy Dialogue on Women and the Economy (HLPD on WE). June 30, 2016
Ministries of Women’s Affairs and Commerce of the 21 Economies participate in the HLPD on WE to approve agreements related to state policies on Women and Economy with feasible and measurable results. These agreements are included in the Leaders’ Declaration for its approval in November.

Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy Management Council Meeting. June 30, 2016
A Meeting to follow up the agreements approved in the 2015 Management Council Meeting and specific agreements coordinated with the economies, ABAC and APEC Secretariat on 2016 thematic agenda. This agreement aims to guarantee a proper transition between current members of the PPWE and the incoming.

APEC “Business Efficiency and Success Target” Award (RUSSIA)
APEC BEST AWARD provides participants with an opportunity to internationalize their businesses, attract international partners and/or potential investors across the APEC economies. In addition, the APEC BEST AWARD will help attract the interest of mass media, business and public community to issues on women entrepreneurship development across the APEC economies.
APEC Women’s Business Smart Technology Seminar: New Value Creation of APEC Women’s Business through Smart Technology and Leadership (Republic Of Korea)
This meeting aims to promote APEC women’s active participation in the economy using smart technologies; inform APEC women about current trends in smart technologies applicable to businesses, such as smart services (3D printing, big data, IoE (Internet of Everything), etc.); share best practices and business models of successful women entrepreneurs based on smart technologies; promote knowledge building on using smart technologies for launching start-ups; enhance APEC women’s leadership skills in their workplaces; formulate policies and develop strategies for leveraging smart technology and report the results to PPWE, WEF, or other related Forum, Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI); and promote APEC women’s participation in economy through enhancing digital literacy skills.
UN-WOMEN photo exhibition
The exhibition aims to visualize the situation of Peruvian women in the economic field, focusing on the gaps between women and men. A series of specific and significant data gaps between women and men in economic aspects will be included.

Workshop – United States: Next Steps in the Women’s Entrepreneurship in APEC (WE-APEC) 
Workshop – United States: APEC Women in STEM Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities 


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