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World leaders accused of backtracking on gender equality commitments
Final negotiations at Commission on the Status of Women punctuated by claims some governments are trying to dilute finance for equality and sexual pledges
The battle over the Feminist Library: history and community vs profit
The Feminist Library in London is threatened with eviction. If forced to move, the next generation of feminists and activists will be left without tangible access to their own history
Rape testimony: pitting truths against rape culture
Women of the World (WOW) created a public, cultural space where women’s stories of survival and their manner of telling them expanded their particular narratives into the universal and political.
Cambodia: UN rights expert launches fact-finding mission on women and indigenous peoples
Russia’s list of banned jobs for women violated woman’s rights, needs amending – UN experts
CSW: groundbreaking US support for sexual rights
As the 60th UN Commission on the Status of Women opens in New York, the decision by the US to support sexual and reproductive health and rights - at last - presents a real opportunity to move the agenda forward.
“Break the cycle of silence and acceptance of violence against women” – UN expert urges Georgia
Japanese city recognises same-sex unions
The Mie Prefecture in the city of Iga has said it will be issuing partnership certificates to same-sex couples from April.
UN announces first-ever High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment
Eminent experts to highlight the interactions between economic growth and gender to galvanize political will and leadership to implement the Sustainable Development Goals
Peru compensates woman in historic UN Human Rights abortion case
Gender Issues In Hollywood Will Be Even Bigger Story In 2016
Call to remove gender from UK passports and driving licences
Maria Miller, chair of committee looking at transgender equality, says male/female references unnecessary on official documents
Innovative financing to drive women’s economic empowerment forward
UN Women Deputy Executive Director Yannick Glemarec attended an international forum hosted in Georgia to reflect on the implementation of SDGs through innovative financing. - See more at:
UN Women statement on the municipal elections in Saudi Arabia
18 December 2015
UN Women Statement for International Migrants Day
18 December 2015
Where women are killed by their own families
Gender pay gap: women effectively working for free until end of year
Fawcett Society calculation sets symbolic date as 9 November with men in full-time work earning over 14% more than women
London Film Festival to open with focus on women in film
Final preparations are under way for the opening of the London Film Festival which, this year, puts the focus on the role of women in film.
Quotas needed to help women enter politics, says Nicola Sturgeon
Theresa May also speaks at Women in the World conference, saying ‘rough and tumble’ of politics might discourage females from trying to become MPs
Parliamentarians must step up on gender equality: UN Women
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