International News
Japan court upholds sterilization to register gender change
Jan 26, 2019 | Japan | By Mari Yamaguchi
South Korea: Sexual abuse claims rock speed skating
Jan 22, 2019 | South Korea | Skaters scene rocked by #MeToo moment as solidarity group alleges five more athletes were abused by their coaches.
Why is China blurring men's ears?
Jan 18, 2019 | China | By Joshua Berlinger & Nanlin Fang
Why a pop idol's stand against her assault sparked outrage in Japan
Jan 17, 2019 | Japan | By Emiko Jozuka and Yoko Wakatsuki
S Korea tries to fix demographic crisis with gender equality
Jan 9, 2019 | South Korea | By Joori Roh | Seoul has finally realized that throwing more money at the country’s low birthrates would not solve the problem, and has started to listen to women.
Take teen girls off night shift, Indian factories told
Jan 8, 2019 | India | New code of conduct also says factories should not employ staff under the age of 16 and limit working day to nine hours.
Brazil's Bolsonaro targets minority groups on first day in office
Jan 3, 2019 | Brazil | Far-right leader issues orders targeting Brazil's indigenous groups, descendants of slaves and LGBT community.
Two Indian women enter Sabarimala temple in Kerala amid protests
Jan 2, 2019 | India | By Zeenat Saberin | Centuries-old ban on the entry of women of reproductive age breached at Kerala's Sabarimala temple.
Judge blocks US asylum rules for domestic, gang abuse survivors
Dec 20, 2018 | Mexico | By Nidia Bautista | Judge rules Trump policies limiting asylum protections for domestic and gang violence survivors violate the law.
Cuba drops same-sex marriage language from new constitution
Dec 19, 2018 | Cuba | Reversal comes after protests by evangelical churches and ordinary citizens in public meetings on the new constitution.
Children's toys: The backlash against pink and blue branding
Dec 19, 2018 | Canada | By Robin Levinson-King
Thousands in Argentina protest acquittal in teenage girl's murder
Dec 6, 2018 | Argentina | Lucia Perez's death in 2016 provoked outrage across Argentina and invigorated the 'Ni Una Menos' movement.
Daughters of al-Shabab
Nov 27, 2018 | Kenya | What draws Kenyan women to join al-Shabab and what challenges are they facing when they return to their communities?
Venezuelan rape-survivor-turned-lawyer finally gets justice
Nov 17, 2018 | Venezuela | By Jen Ross | Inter-American Court on Human Rights finds Venezuela responsible for 2001 torture of Linda Loaiza Lopez Soto.
Swedes debate period-proofed workplaces
Nov 16, 2018 | Sweden | By Matilda Welin
Child-size gender neutral uniforms aim to challenge nursing image
Nov 14, 2018 | Scotland
Google staff walk out in protest over treatment of women
Nov 2, 2018 | Global | A number of the tech giant's executives have been accused of sexual misconduct, with one receiving $90m upon resigning.
HRW: Sexual violence part of 'ordinary life' in North Korea
Nov 1, 2018 | North Korea | New report finds unwanted sexual contact and violence widespread and perpetrators rarely brought to justice.
New Zealand Moves to Streamline Procedure for Employee Equal Pay Claims
Oct 30, 2018 | New Zealand | By Merille Raagas
Who is Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia's first female president?
Oct 28, 2018 | Ethiopia | By Elias Gebreselassie | Election of first woman to presidency has raised hopes among women's rights groups for more gender equality in Ethiopia.
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