International News
#KuToo: Japanese women submit anti-high heels petition
Japan | Campaigners urge government to ban employers from forcing footwear on female staf
Argentines protest violence against women in large marches
South Africa’s president names Cabinet that is 50% women
South Africa | By Mogomotsi Magome
State prepares to move transgender inmate to women's prison
USA | By Natalie Matthews
Kenyan court upholds law making gay sex illegal
Kenya | By Stephanie Busari, Farai Sevenzo and Lilian Leposo
New Mexico’s first female land commissioner pushes for inclusive pronouns
Mexico | By Steve Terrell
Hey Siri, stop perpetuating sexist stereotypes, UN says
By Rob Picheta
Alabama Senate passes near-total abortion ban
USA | By Caroline Kelly
As a New Emperor ls Enthroned in Japan, His Wife Won’t Be Allowed to Watch
Apr 29, 2019 | Japan | By Motoko Rich
Bangladeshi teenager set on fire after accusing teacher of harassment
Apr 18, 2019 | Bangladesh | By Peter Beaumont | Nusrat Jahan Rafi was doused with kerosene and burned at her school, dying 10 days later of her injuries
South Korea to legalize abortion after 66-year ban
Apr 11, 2019 | South Korea | By Yoonjung Seo
'Barbaric to the core': Brunei brings in gay sex stoning law
Apr 3, 2019 | Brunei | By Julia Hollingsworth, Rebecca Wright and Alexandra Field
Sri Lanka arrests novelist over gay plot line about Buddhists
Apr 2, 2019 | Sri Lanka
Liberal upstart Caputova elected 1st Slovak female president
Mar 31, 2019 | Slovakia
Mexican writers, journalists, actors denounce abuse against women
Mar 26, 2019 | Mexico | #MetooEscritoresMexicanos and #MeTooPeriodistasMexicanos trend in country where violence against women is prevalent.
Korea spycam porn: 1,600 fall victim and four men arrested
Mar 20, 2019 | South Korea
Iranian human rights lawyer sentenced to 38 years in prison, her family says
Mar 12, 2019 | Iran | By Tamara Qiblawi, Nada Altaher and Sarah El Sirgany
International Women's Day explained
Mar 8, 2019 | The world became a better place for women over the last century but full global gender equality is still a long way off.
U.S. Cancels Journalist’s Award Over Her Criticism of Trump
Mar 7, 2019 | US | By Reid Standish, Robbie Gramer | Jessikka Aro was to receive a “Women of Courage” prize. Then officials read her Twitter feed.
There are no gay people in Malaysia says tourism minister
Mar 7, 2019 | Malaysia | By Euan McKirdy
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