International News
Attacked for gender, not views: Hong Kong women protesters facing troll army
Hong Kong
G7 leaders told to scrap discriminatory gender laws from statute books
By Angelique Chrisafis | Gender equality advisory council says states must begin enshrining equal rights in law
UN report condemns sexual violence by Myanmar military
Myanmar | By Grant Peck
Support Kenya's working mothers, says MP booted from parliament
Kenya | Kenyan MP kicked out of parliament for bringing her baby to work says it highlights need for workplaces with nurseries.
Iran is taking steps to combat sexual harassment in the workplace
Iran | By Maziar Motamedi | For the first time, an Iranian government agency publishes guidelines to counter sexual harassment and abuse of power.
Indonesia pardons woman jailed for reporting boss' lewd call
Indonesia | Parliament approves amnesty for Baiq Nuril Maknun who was jailed after she filed sexual harassment against school head.
Not every student can afford pads and tampons. In New Hampshire, they'll soon get them for free.
US | By Leah Asmelash and Brian Ries
Gendered language like 'manhole' will soon be banned from Berkeley's city codes
US | By Madeline Holcombe
London pride march draws thousands as homophobic hate crimes rise
UK | By Madeline Roache | Activists say widening acceptance of LGBT people stands in sharp contrast to rise in hate crimes against the community.
Cross-sports push at World Cup for gender pay equality
By Ronald Blum
The U.K. Just Banned 'Harmful Gender Stereotypes' in Advertising
UK | By Billy Perrigo
Vatican rejects gender change to alarm of LGBT Catholics
Vatican | By Nicole Winfield
Finland’s new female-powered government sworn in
Finland | By Jari Tanner
#KuToo: Japanese women submit anti-high heels petition
Japan | Campaigners urge government to ban employers from forcing footwear on female staf
Argentines protest violence against women in large marches
South Africa’s president names Cabinet that is 50% women
South Africa | By Mogomotsi Magome
State prepares to move transgender inmate to women's prison
USA | By Natalie Matthews
Kenyan court upholds law making gay sex illegal
Kenya | By Stephanie Busari, Farai Sevenzo and Lilian Leposo
New Mexico’s first female land commissioner pushes for inclusive pronouns
Mexico | By Steve Terrell
Hey Siri, stop perpetuating sexist stereotypes, UN says
By Rob Picheta
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