Taiwan News
Female breadwinner numbers hit record high in Taiwan
National Taiwan University fined for violating gender equality law
It is the first time that any school in Taiwan has been penalised for problematic test questions.
Chang Shu-mei:Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
Marriages between older women, younger men hit 10-year high
Taiwan demands compensation for ‘comfort women’
Firing pregnant migrant workers illegal: ministry
Taipei city councilors call for more diaper stations
Only 9 percent of Taipei’s 15,080 public restrooms have diaper stations, with the ratio even lower for male restrooms, a councilor said
Lovers’ Day popsicles promote LGBT inclusiveness
NGOs cooperate to improve breast cancer prevention
US urges Taiwan to act on trafficking
Taiwanese officials treat many cases involving trafficking as lesser crimes and sentenced traffickers to lenient penalties, a US Department of State report said
Turning a blind eye to gender inequality
Fines for violating gender equality act
IN TAIPEI:One firm fired a woman on maternity leave, one had no policies against sexual harassment and one did not say why it did not hire a transgender person
Gender selection caused rise in sex ratio: official
Fertility Society president Yang Tsai-hsing said men outnumbering women is not a problem, citing China as not having any issues due to an excess of men
Taiwan, the place to be a woman in politics
On Friday, Tsai Ing-wen became Taiwan's first female president.
Women six times more at risk of lung cancer: study
Nation’s birth rate rising despite poor conditions
BORN IN THE ’80s:Women born since the 1980s are waiting longer to have children, but are having more than those born in the 1970s, NTU research shows
Urban Nomad rolls into town
The annual film festival has grown from a rooftop party to an important venue showcasing indie films with a social message
Ministry open to same-sex partner passport requests
If household registration offices issue documents to same-sex partners, the ministry said it could accept such applications
DPP proposes amendments to gender equality act
The proposed amendment said it aims to make pregnant women the focus of accompanying maternity leave, instead of marriage being the key criterium
Women’s groups protest lack of women in Cabinet
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