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Taiwan activists: Marriage-equality movement setback not the end
Nov 30, 2019 | By Adam Bemma | Despite ballot-box failure, proponents say it's only a matter of time before same-sex marriage is written into law.
Thousands march in Taiwan gay pride parade for referendum vote
Oct 27, 2018 | Nearly 130,000 people marched in Taipei before a landmark vote next month on LGBT rights.
Taiwan, a valuable partner for SDGs—true universality
Sex worker advocates pan Taipei over renewal plan
New immigrant mothers use small coins to reach big dreams
In historic decision, Taiwanese court rules in favor of same-sex marriage
Taiwan ranks 38th worldwide in gender equality in 2016: DGBAS
Gov't study shows gender gap still wide at the top
Although the percentage of women in top-level positions in Taiwan businesses is at a record high, there is still a big gap in the ratio of male to female chief executive officers, a Ministry of Finance (MOF) official said Sunday, citing statistics from th
First menstrual cup to be legally available in Taiwan
Many women swear by menstrual cups, but in Taiwan, strict laws mean they cannot be sold. As the BBC's Grace Tsoi explains, that might be about to change thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.
Mass rally demands marriage equality
Taiwan, US unveil APEC women’s economic empowerment plan
Activists Denounce Sex Education Critics
Girls head human rights event
In 2011, the UN declared Oct. 11 International Day of the Girl Child. Since 2013, Taiwan has observed the day with events focused on issues facing Asian girls
Female breadwinner numbers hit record high in Taiwan
National Taiwan University fined for violating gender equality law
It is the first time that any school in Taiwan has been penalised for problematic test questions.
Chang Shu-mei:Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
Marriages between older women, younger men hit 10-year high
Taiwan demands compensation for ‘comfort women’
Firing pregnant migrant workers illegal: ministry
Taipei city councilors call for more diaper stations
Only 9 percent of Taipei’s 15,080 public restrooms have diaper stations, with the ratio even lower for male restrooms, a councilor said
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