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International artists inspired by minority communities in Taiwan
Taipei (CNA) Twelve international artists, who have been in Taipei for four weeks visiting local minority communities for inspiration, will showcase their works at Taipei Performing Arts Center, it was announced Thursday.

The 12 artists are from Taiwan, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, South Korea and Canada.

In its third year, Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance (ADAM), a platform for the performing arts, seeks to bring together artists from different countries in ways that encourage them to interact and create.

As "community" is the main theme this year, artists specializing in a wide range of fields, such as theater and sound, spent 28 days visiting the local LGBTQ community, migrant workers, homeless people etc.

As a result, they gained a better understanding of related issues in Taiwan in ways that creatively inspired them, said Taipei Performing Arts Center, which initiated ADAM.

According to the curator of ADAM, River Lin (林人中), the event invites international curators and artists to discuss the social engagement of art. "Our point of departure is not that art should intervene in society, but rather to examine how artists actually live in society," said Lin.

Taiwan has rich resources and the ability to provide a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary platform for artist in the Asia Pacific, which is why Taipei Performing Arts Centre started ADAM, Lin said.

Guest Curator(Artist Lab) Natsuki Ishigami, a participant at last year's ADAM, said the event is a special opportunity for artists to experiment with new things and engage in discussions.

The artists have worked hard over the past four weeks, she said. "This year we tried to jump into communities and have conversations and communicate with them," she said.

The international artists will share their experience interacting with local minority communities at the four-day ADAM presentations, which began Thursday at Dadaocheng Theater in Taipei.

For example, Filipino artist Bunny Cadag, whose works mainly focus on the perception of gender, will share his experience meeting famous drag performer Feilibing IceQueen from the Bunun indigenous tribe.

Meanwhile, in another part of the program, artists teamed up to create cross-cultural art pieces, such as Cadag and Kao Yi-kai's (高翊凱) "I Am The Beauty Queen," a performance with costumes, music and dancing.

The ADAM presentations are divided into three different categories -- Kitchen, which presents six different cross-cultural art works; Artist Lab, where artists perform works inspired by visiting local minority communities; and Assembly, where various forums are held.

Source: Taiwan News
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