Past Events
Woibex - Global Women’s Leaders Conference
Mar 6-8, 2019 | Dubai, UAE | Equal rights, decision making and influence

Introduction: Woibex contains several activities such as announcing the 2020 Region and World Young Women Leaders, global gender equality round table and meetings, global women education’s women’s delegation in Dubai, global women leaders best practice showcase, women’s global art exhibition, etc.

Objectives: Woibex recognizes the achievements of pioneering women leaders regionally and globally, and encourages women leaders to learn from their experiences. Providing an environment conducive to the exchange of views, discussion, healthy arguments, and face-to-face networking amongst global women leaders, the event aims to elevate the status of women in society regionally and globally, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to succeed in the new global market to face the future challenges and benefit from the opportunities.

Organizer: Datamatix


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