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Firing pregnant migrant workers illegal: ministry
The Ministry of Labor yesterday said that it is illegal for employers to fire foreign migrant workers who are pregnant or have given birth to children during their stay in Taiwan, in response to calls by some employers to test workers for pregnancy prior to their employment.

On Monday, an Indonesian woman working as a caregiver in Taiwan, who said she was unaware of her pregnancy, gave birth to a child in her employer’s house.

The incident and other similar cases spurred calls for the government to put pregnancy tests back on the list of medical checks that foreign workers are required to complete before working in Taiwan.

In response, the ministry said that according to law, employers are banned from discriminating against or firing foreign workers if they are pregnant or give birth during their employment in Taiwan, citing the Gender Equality in Employment Act (性別工作平等法) and the Regulations Governing Management of the Health Examination of Employed Aliens (外國人健康檢查管理辦法).

The government revised the regulations last year, removing pregnancy tests from the list of medical tests required for foreign workers.

In addition, employers are banned from terminating immigrant employees’ contracts early, or forcing them to leave the nation, if they are pregnant or give birth, the ministry said.

Those who break the law can be fined, and their employees can apply to work for a different employer, the ministry said.

The ministry encouraged foreign workers to call the toll-free hotline 1955 to report violations or seek counseling.

Source: Taipei News


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