No.3 E-Newsletter from Global Gender Vol.2 No.1

Dear readers,
Welcome to the third issue of the APEC “Innovation for Women and Economic Development” project e-newsletter!

In this issue, we will introduce the newly established online platform for female entrepreneurs (Australia TWEN) and also information about an innovative fundraising platform for enterprises (flying V). Regarding the status of multi-year plan, a “Briefing” will describe the conference progress of APEC PPWE in May and the upcoming Seminar in September. The “Case Study”, will share partial research results of the previously mentioned e-learning program.

Please contact us with your comments and ideas for this Newsletter. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.

Full document download please see E-newsletter Vol. 2 No. 1.

Best regards,
Helen Lee
Foundation for Women’s Rights Promotion and Development
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