No.2 E-Newsletter from Global Gender Vol.1 No.2

Dear readers,
Welcome to the second issue of the APEC “Innovation for Women and Economic Development” project e-newsletter!

In our continuing effort to implement the multi-year project, we are pleased to disseminate project outcomes and invite the comments or feedback from APEC and all stakeholders.

Like the previous issue, this issue is comprised of four themes. The “Briefing” presents the progress of our project and the “Case Study” provides a quick glance at a sub-set of performance and an overview of the baseline survey in Chinese Taipei.

In “Focus”, we interviewed the founder of a shopping platform for women in Kenya. Miss Gwen was interviewed, describing how she assisted women in rural areas to devise solutions in line with the global markets through innovation ICT technology and how they received support or sponsorship from Microsoft, ITU, Kiva, and other organizations. She was invited to share her experiences with ICT’s assistance in women’s livelihood development. Finally, the “Editor’s pick-up” excerpts Asia Development Bank’s report of assistance offered to women from central and western Asia to help them start and manage their business.

Please contact us with your comments and ideas for this Newsletter. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.

Full document download please see E-newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2.

Best regards,
Helen Lee
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