No.1 E-Newsletter from Global Gender Vol.1 No.1

Dear readers,
Greetings from Global Gender.

It is our pleasure to  announce the publish of our very first e-newsletter  ( This newsletter, aims to encourage awareness of women’s needs by embracing new ICT devices and services, will disseminate our APEC project progress and outcomes timely and invite feedbacks from all readers.

In this issue, we have articles from Women’s National Service (SERNAM, Chile) and Institute for Information Industry (Chinese Taipei). They share the overview and the development of women entrepreneurship and ICT profiles in their economy, and the possibility of future trends.

In the next volume, we hope to invite more experts and scholars from APEC member economies, to refresh that how ICT tools to can improve the livelihood of women. Please contact us with your comments and ideas for this Newsletter. We would be happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you.

Full document download please see E-newsletter Vol. 1.

Best regards,
Helen Lee

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