No.6 E-newsletter from Global Gender Vol. 3, No.2
Dear readers,

Welcome to the sixth issue of the APEC “Innovation for Women and Economic Development” E-newsletter, the last newsletter for the APEC project.


Implemented from 2013 to 2016, our multi-year project’s final newsletter will review the research achievements of the past three years, present final policy suggestions regarding 「How have women in the APEC member economies responded to and been empowered by ICT-focused educational programs?」, and set forth the executive reference to promote “WE boss” in the future. Meanwhile, this issue will emphasize the problem of women being neglected by financial services once again with the hope of stimulating readers’ attention toward gender issues in inclusive finance.


We would like to express our appreciation to the specially invited writers for their assistance and to all our readers for your support and encouragement over the past several years. We hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and please contact us with your comments and ideas for this issue.

Full document download please see E-newsletter Vol. 3, No.2.

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