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Women and Gender Studies
In accordance with the Executive Yuan Women’s Rights Foundation resolution, to facilitate the realization of social change and look into equal rights policy and legislation, the foundation has entrusted numerous scholars to make comprehensive policy suggestions of unformed regulations, orders and laws for consideration by the Executive Yuan.
2010 Implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action
2009 Taiwan Women’s Almanac
2-1-Chapter1 Overview-Realization of Gender Mainstreaming.pdf
2-2-Chapter 2 Key Regulations and Policies-I.Women and Gende.pdf
2-3-Chapter 2 Key Regulations and Policies-II. Achievements .pdf
2-4-Chapter 2 Key Regulations and Policies-III. Achievements.pdf
3-1-Chapter 1 Overview- Image of the Women_s Groups in Taiw.pdf
3-2-Chapter 2 Introduction to Women_s Organizations Active .pdf
3-Part 2 Taiwan Women_s Organizations.pdf
4-About Editor-Foundation for Women_s Rights Promotion and D.pdf
2007 Taiwan Women’s Almanac
part 1-Rights and Interests.pdf
part 2-Regulations and Policies.pdf
part 3-Women's Organizations.pdf
Thesis Scholarship

In order to increase the confluence of gender studies, the foundation sponsors thesis selection and publication by means of a transparent selection process to encourage social interaction among women from various organizations and sectors of society. The foundation has published three of these journals. In-depth and multi-varied in topic, the articles cover such topics as gender equality, gender awareness ideology, women’s body politics, and gender culture studies.
2009An Action Research on the Gender Role for the Second Grade Students in the Elementary SchoolCHU, Min-Feng
2009A Social History of the Face Beautiful:The Changing Discourses and Experiences of Women’s Make-up and Skincare in Taiwan, 1950s-2009TSAI, Yu-Li
2009An Empirical Case Study of Pregnant Women's Autonomy to HIV Prenatal Screening in Taiwan CHUANG, Chia-Chen
2009The Photography of Taiwan Betel-nut Beauties: A Study HSU, Hao-ching
2009Taiwanese Women's Experiences in Interracial Intimacies with “Desirable” White Men: A Postcolonial Perspective CHANG, De-Ying
2009Research on the Stigmatizing Process Against Homosexuals from the Perspective of Hate CrimeWANG, Kuei-Cheng
2009What Kind of Mother Does A Woman Become? The Legal Construction of Motherhood in the Post-war Taiwan CHUANG, Yun-chin
2009Self and Usness : mapping the identity of "community". A case of 4 female community practitionersFANG, Ya-Hui
2002Struggles of female workers in Export Processing Zone in Taiwan YEH, Meng-Feng
2002The Second/ Modernity: Studies on May Fourth Women''s FictionLIU, Nai-Tzu
2002Flowing Home: The Homelife and Identity of the Wives of the Taiwanese Businessmen in China WANG, Chun-Ling
2002Pornography Regulation and the Internet Rating SystemCHOU, Nien-Ying
2002Leadership Behaviors of A Female Community Leader-The Case of Huban Village CHUO, Shih-Yuan
2001Evoke Our Power: Life Experience Of Aboriginal Women In the Tribal Dancing ClubLIANG, Li-Fang
2001The study of mother- daughter plot in women fiction on contemporary TaiwanCHANG, Pei-Jane
2001Educational Praxis for Gender Equity: Two Junior High School Teachers’ Gender Consciousness and PraxisLIN, Yu-Chen
2001Research of relation between sexualrole attitude, fear of success, and future development of the female officials –Kaohsiung City Government to be the exampleCHEN, Mean
2000Developing Teaching Materials Based on Romance Fiction: Gender-Equity Education in a Junior High School CalssroomCHUNG, Pei-Yi
2000Gender issues in sports culture -- A case study on dodge ball games in an elementary classTENG, Te-Cheng

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